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Science has progressed because of the movie industry, I once heard in a documentary e.g the quest for better picture quality or programs that would make the movie realistic. But I also know that the movie industry has also progressed because of science and technology e.g science fiction are sometimes based of scientific theories. Sorry to say the space shuttle is nowhere close to the starship USS enterprise, technology wise; however, all is not lost because, movies can give us a clear picture of what we are working on; and inspire us to do more...


How do you explain the thick white smoke?

"The electric motor was very hot. Drops of water onto the electric motor boiled and evaporated very rapidly. Thus, one can draw an inference, if not a conclusion that the temperature of the motor was in excess of 100°C. I don't know the properties of time particles, nevertheless, it is possible that the white smoke was due to time particles evaporating; something similar to sublimation. Or more likely the result of time particle/anti-time particle reaction"--https://sites.google.com/site/superstringtheory1/Home

"Blue energy is a particle/anti-particle construct The Visitors use as their primary source of power. Anna demonstrated the energy by touching two small, nondescript orbs together, creating sizzling blue energy arcs in the air. These arcs propagated in a random but rather calm fashion and didn't visibly interact with the open environment, including present humans and Visitors"--http://v.wikia.com/wiki/Blue_energy

"Clean, sustainable energy. No pollution. No infrastructure needed. Just power; the same power that runs our ships. Blue energy is the answer to your world's most pressing concerns, and to the people of Timbal, it was an answer to crisis."--Anna

 I tried to show those involved in space movies a clear picture of how USS Phallus operates; a tour of the starship if you may call it. I remember God telling Journalist  "they(?) would need a prototype(engine) to build upon". USS Phallus was however renamed GSS Phallus because those whom the Lord wanted to give the prototype FTL drive; thought it best to get the drive by other means and thus the reason they lost out.

So, why would God want to give them my space drive?

"There is something that everyboby wants and that is to go into space"--God

Here is a short Movie Amplitude to make this post  a little bit more interesting:

Starship parked in orbit around alien planet, after sometime, alarm sounds:highest state of alert.

Com. Station: Flight crew to stations, this is not a drill; I repeat flight crew to stations.

Crew arrives one by one; time between arrivals short; Captain arrives and takes his seat.

Captain: What happened?

Engineering station: Apparently something triggered a phenomena in the planets gravitational field; we're loosing altitude fast.

Captain: What happened to emergency protocol?

Chief engineer: I don't know, it seem fine but its not responding.

Captain: P-DAC

Consul engineer: We won't survive a crash captain.

Captain: Gravity repulsion; spiral pattern(or format)

Flight control: Drive at 20%, it won't give us a sledge.

Captain: Explain!

P-DAC consul: Extreme gravitational field, remember?

Captain: You Know, I wasn't prepared for this; we were supposed to be hibernating--go to full active.

P-DAC consul: Captain, at this rate, we would be history before power delegation to systems is complete.

Captain: Divert power from life support to compensate.

Medic: Life support! Captain, life support!?

Chief engineer: No need to worry doc. its temporary; you'll get your environment back before you notice its gone--but keep you fingers crossed.

Medic: How comforting.

Time laps...

Flight control: Ha ha! sledge active, we've a controlled spiral decent.

Captain: Take us back into orbit, better still take us beyond the planets gravitational field until we figure-out what happened---I want a complete diagnostic of all systems and I wanna know what happened to that planet--send down a probe.

Chief engineer: we're on it captain.

Captain: Call kitchen, I need a cup of coffee.

Coms Officer: Acknowledged captain.

Time laps...

Flight control: Approaching limits of gravity repulsion--switching drive to interstellar. Captain! how far out should we go?

Captain: Nav. how far?

Nav: Arrrrh 200?

Captain: Make it 200, maintain a geostationary path.

Captain: Engineering! can we trust Pilot Automation?

Chief engineer: So far so good.

Captain: Take us into hyperspace F.L.T to P.A(flights to pilot automation)

Alarm sounds; all eyes turned on engineering station.

Chief engineer: (hands lifted) environment! environment--she wants her power back.

Time laps...

Probe lunched from weapons consul and tracks movement into orbit. Nav confirms successful insertion into low planetary orbit. P-DAC consul monitors status of probe and deployed instruments while captain enjoys another cup of coffee.

Chief engineer: Captain! level 10 diagnostic complete; I found nothing wrong with the ship. However, you need to see this from the probe.

Captain at engineering consul.

Captain: (watching event simulation, then points finger) You mean!?

Chief engineer: Exactly captain.

Captain: Classify it as an Act Of God.

Chief engineer: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new classification.

(Other Scenes...)

Captain: Navigation, ready us back to earth.

Nav: Right away Captain.

Eng: Auto sequence power delegation to all systems enabled.

Nav consul: Power delegation request to all systems;
                   In progress...

Power status: Passive streaming...
                       Active streaming...

Feed: E112

Energizer: 83% Discharging...
              83% Charging...
              94% Charging...
             100% Complete.
             100% Standby.

Reactor: Offline.
              N4 Connected.

 Reception_E: 100%
  Switching...: Wait.
 Reception_R: 100%

Finder File Activation

Finder Beacon

Data Read-out:
Constellation: Virgo.
Rotation: 9646.3 rpm
Spectral type: Neutron Star.
Variable: Pulsar.
Category: Lighthouse.
Signature: PSR B1257+12

Finder Location

Finder Direction

Finder Orientation

Data synchronization

Flight Plan: Destination Earth.

Finder Route


Data AB synchronization

Navigation status: Ready.

Nav: Captain! navigation is ready, its on your consul.

Captain remote accessing nav consul.

Captain: It looks good; flights, take us into position.

FLT: Adjusting orientation & direction.

FLT: Captain we're in position, zero margin of error--she's ready for the run.

Captain: Put her to run; 25 in 4.

FLT: Initiating hyper drive; queuing FTL drive, velocity set@25 light years in 4 minutes.

FLT: Captain! She's on the run; 25 in 4; ETA@destination earth 12.48 minutes.

Kitchen: Captain! Still like your steak the old fashion way?

Captain: Yeah! Why?

Kitchen: We're out of gas.

Captain: How much time do I have?

Kitchen: Maybe a month!

Captain: When we reach earth's orbit, I will send an away team to get some from Jupiter moon. It won't be wise to recalibrate our flight plan now.

Kitchen: You're the boss, if its ok with you; then its ok with me.